doremi img2782The Children:

We at Do Re Mi we believe that relationships form the key to quality education. We believe that respectful, interactive relationships between children and adults form the basis of positive self-image for the child. When the teachers nurture the child's interests with warmth and care, both adults and children grow and learn together. Staff at Do Re Mi, respect the children and view children as competent learners and communicators. Staff promote children's sense of belonging and identity with increasing knowledge of their community and the world around them. We provide a stimulating, interesting and natural environment that allows children to explore and engage in a variety of experiences. We ensure that no child is discriminated against on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, language, ability, culture or natural origin. Each child is welcomed into our community and activities are planned to respect individual learning styles, capabilities and the knowledge base they bring from home.

The Families:

We will treat every child and their family with the respect and consideration they deserve. We strive to develop positive relationships based on respect, mutual trust and open communication, and with an understanding of the significant role families play in children's learning. We acknowledge, respect and utilise the individual strengths and interests they bring to the centre and encourage them to share these skills within our environment.

It is the aim of all staff to work in partnership with one another, and with families and management towards a shared goal – to provide an environment that welcomes all, is inclusive of children of all abilities and is accommodating to each child's social and cultural backgrounds. Activities, books, music, posters and other resources reflect our multicultural community and promote respect for all people. Staff recognise and model behaviours that respect variations in children's abilities, backgrounds and family structures and provide experiences that value and respect both similarities and differences.

The Staff:

We believe in quality, positive work relations. Each staff member is a valuable resource to the service and should work together in achieving common goals. We believe staff members need to maintain Confidentiality and professionalism at all times and primarily facilitate the needs and interests of the children and families utilising the service. We respect the value of our staff by:

• Working as a team to provide high quality care and education to children

• Respecting the value and worth of each staff member by acknowledging each staff member's individuality, values and beliefs

• Supporting staff development by providing training opportunities to update knowledge in current trends in the Early Childhood fields

• Building support networks with other council centre's and sharing information amongst staff to grow and learn

• Provide staff with the means to access information on policies, procedures and processes that bind us and ensure we provide a quality service to families.

The community:

The community consists of diverse individuals who have special talents, knowledge and experiences, that can be shared with children and families utilising the service. Therefore, we believe in good friendly cooperative relations and networking with people and other services within the community. We aim to examine features of our immediate and extended world in our daily activities and welcome members of the community into the Centre to share their individual roles, skills and knowledge with the children.

The Program:

We understand that the best way for a child to learn is through discovery, and this is best achieved through providing ample opportunities for extended play. We aim to provide programs that welcome, interest, stimulate and challenge, and provide children with a sense of accomplishment in their achievements and the confidence to extend themselves without fear of failure. The program is developmentally appropriate to the needs and interests of each child and goals are set in consultation with families. The program also takes account the unique factors and contexts of the diversity of families, cultures and the local community in which our Centre is located.It is our aim to always be aware of and plan for each child's individual needs and to constantly strive to provide the most effective and enjoyable learning environment.